LSOU Promotes Love of Linguistics On Valentine’s Day 2017

LSOU T-shirt Day, February 14th

Linguistics students and faculty members wore their LSOU T-shirts to show their love for the field

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Linguistics students (both grad and undergrad) and faculty members wore their brand new Linguistics Society of Ohio University (LSOU) T-shirts to show their love for the field, their student organization, and their department.  A photo commemorating this event was taken on the south-side steps of Gordy Hall (featured above).  A close-up (below) shows the T-shirt design in detail.  The use of IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet) was adopted for the back of the T-shirt to project the spirit of LSOU in a humorous way.  It reads, “If you can read this, you may have a future in phonetics.”  A Bobcat paw print (this animal being the university mascot) is located on the left sleeve, reflecting “Bobcat Pride.”

The purpose of the LSOU is to promote an awareness of Linguistics at OHIO and to support the students and faculty in the Department of Linguistics by providing opportunities for fun and meaningful interaction among its constituent groups throughout the academic year.

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LSOU members Tanya Bychkovska, Shauna Torrington, and Magdalyne Oguti Akiding

Featured in the close-up photo (above) are the executive members of the 2016-2017 LSOU.  From left to right they are, Tanya Bychkovska from the Ukraine, Shauna Torrington from Guyana, and Magdalyne Oguti Akiding from Kenya (right).  All three are second year students getting ready to graduate from the department’s M.A. Program in Applied Linguistics.  Their first assigned activity during the 2016-17 academic year was the end-of-the-academic-year Linguistic Picnic in April 2016, held at the Athens Community Center. Several other support activities were planned and executed throughout the year. The next 2017 event, is scheduled to take place this year on April 22nd in the basement of The Church of the Good Shepard (across the street from Gordy Hall), and will be hosted by the, “yet-to-be-announced” successors of this year’s LSOU leadership.  The Picnic serves as the official departmental send-off for ALL graduating Grads and Undergrads in the department.

The executive members of the LSOU are usually students who are heavily involved in the department.  This year is no different. Ms. Bychkovska serves as a Teaching Assistant for the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) and Ms. Torrington is the lead Teaching Assistant for the department’s English For All (EFA) Program.  Ms. Akiding is a Teaching Assistant for Swahili, and a teacher of English as a second or foreign language (ESL) in the Department of Linguistics, and has also been accepted into a Ph.D. Program in Second Language Studies at Michigan State University, which starts this fall.


Department of Linguistics students and faculty enjoy LSOU sponsored Lunch-Time Potluck

Many Department of Linguistics students and faculty also wore their T-shirts to the LSOU sponsored, “Linguistics Program Lunch-Time Potluck” held on March 2nd.

LSOU also encourages students and faculty in the department to be active jointly in professional conferences and research.  During March and April, many grad and undergrads in the Department of Linguistics will be attending conferences to present their research in Washington D.C., Kentucky, and North Carolina, and even right here in Athens on the Ohio University campus.

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