Language Placement Testing

Languages:  Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Swahili

Students who have prior foreign language knowledge and would like to continue that language to meet their foreign language requirement should take the appropriate placement exam. The placement exam will determine which course they need to enroll in to continue with their foreign language requirement. Students who have no prior background in a foreign language or would like to begin with a new foreign language do not need to take a placement exam but should register for the beginning course (E.g.:  1110) in that language. 

Ohio University language placement tests are designed to assist students and their advisors with course selection. Students wishing to take placement tests must stop by to take the test in Gordy Hall 383 from 8:00am to 4:00pm, or call the Department of Linguistics, (740) 593-4564 to schedule an appointment. Please remember that you may be asked to present a picture ID at the testing session.

These placements tests are a timed, multiple-choice answer paper test and the student will have an hour to complete the test. Upon completion, individual results will be emailed to each student and the language coordinator, who will then speak with an academic advisor for course scheduling. 

Contacts for Test-Out and Placement

Students who have prior knowledge of one of the following foreign languages should contact the academic department listed below for test-out and language course placement information for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Swahili:

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