TESOL Endorsement

TESOL Endorsement is for teachers who currently hold an Ohio Teaching License. Only currently licensed teachers are eligible for this program.

Two tracks are available for the TESOL Endorsement:

1.  The Graduate Non-Degree track for a minimum of 18 credit hours

2.  The Linguistics Graduate MA track for a minimum of 46 credit hours

TESOL Endorsement Requirements

  • Minimum credit hours: Graduate Non-Degree track, 18 credit hours; Linguistics Graduate MA track, 46 credit hours
  • The Language Teaching Practicum (LING 5920) with TESOL Endorsed and Ohio Licensed teachers in each of the three bands (P-3, 4-9, and 7-12) for 50 hours of field experience.
  • OAE (Ohio Assessment for Educators) Test: English to Speakers of Other Languages

Required Courses Graduate Non-Degree track (online Summer courses plus the language teaching practicum)

1.   LING 5500 Introduction to Linguistics (4 credit hours) Fall, Spring, Summer

2.  LING 5750 Language Learning (4 credit hours) Fall, Spring, Summer

3.  LING 5800 TESOL Methods and Materials (4 credit hours) Spring, Summer

4.  LING 5510 Computers in Language Teaching (4 credit hours) Fall

5.  LING 5920 Language Teaching Practicum (2 credit hours) Fall, Spring, Summer


Required Courses Linguistics Graduate MA track and when offered

1.  LING 5760 Second Language Acquisition (4 credit hours) Fall, Spring, Summer

2.  LING 5600 Introduction to Phonetics (4 credit hours) Fall

3.  LING 5800 Methods and Materials in TEFL (4 credit hours) Spring, Summer

4.  LING 5901 Sociolinguistics and Bilingualism (4 credit hours) Spring

5.  LING 5510 Computers in Language Teaching (4 credit hours) Fall

6.  LING 5701 Syntax (4 credit hours) Spring

7.  LING 6710 Grammar in Use (4 credit hours) Fall

8.  LING 5830 Assessing Language Abilities (4 credit hours) Fall

9.  LING 6850 Teaching Reading and Writing (4 credit hours) Spring

10.  LING 6610 Pedagogical Phonology (4 credit hours) Spring

11.  LING 5860 Semantics and Pragmatics (4 credit hours) Spring

12.  LING 5920 Language Teaching Practicum (2 credit hours) Fall, Spring, Summer


  1. Apply to program through OU as non-degree. You’ll need to have a statement of purpose, a letter of professional support, and a cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.0. Non-native English speakers must have a TOEFL of at least 600 (institutional) or 100 (iBT) or an IELTS composite of 7.0.
  2. Take required courses and inform professor that you are in the TESOL Endorsement Program. Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and successfully complete LING 5500 with a B or higher.
  3. In the semester before your anticipated completion, inform Dr. Scott Jarvis (jarvis@ohio.edu) if you would like the Patton College of Education Field Placement Office to help you find schools for your teaching practicum, LING 5920—($25 fee).
  4. OAE (Ohio Assessments for Educator) Test: English to Speakers of Other Languages.
  5. Complete the license application, available on ODE’s website. Submit $20 payable to the Treasurer, State of Ohio, to Janet Merwin (merwinj@ohio.edu), Patton College of Education. You will receive your new license with the endorsement within approximately 2 weeks from ODE.


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