Omani National Day Celebration

On November 23rd, the Ohio University Omani Student Association (OSA) celebrated the 43rd National Day of Oman with a special program and dinner in the Walter Hall Rotunda.  Ohio University students, faculty members, and fellow Omanis from the region joined in the festivities.

“We were happy with the number of guests who came to the event, and we are pleased that many of them liked it,” said Younis Al Rahbi, current OSA President.  Included in the program were videos, presentations, plays, and dances showcasing the history, culture, and geography of Oman.

A distinguished guest, clothes designer Anisa Al-Zidjali, traveled all the way from Oman to take part.  According to Al Rahbi, Al-Zidjali first learned of the OU OSA through photos on Instagram.  Al-Zidjali added color and beauty to the evening by providing traditional costumes for the Omani women to wear.

Ohio University student, Elham Al-Harrasi commented: “The event’s purpose was to introduce Oman to our audience; it was a day full of happiness for the Omanis and a delight for our guests.”

Fellow OSA member Shaima Albalushi added that she did not imagine so many guests would attend.  “This was the biggest event that Omani Students Association have had so far. We learned a lot of things from this event such as the real meaning of collaboration and helping each other. Some of us did not participant in the show, but they did a good job in decorating the place and cooking the food.  We are proud to be the Omani ambassadors at Ohio University.”

Jamal Al-Harthy echoed those sentiments, saying that it was an honor to celebrate Omani national day outside of his country.

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