Fulbright Pre-Academic Gallery

For over two decades, OPIE has been hosting international Fulbright scholars for language and cultural training and orientation.  Below is a collection of photos from summer trainings, 2012-2015.

My dear Fulbright family,

I got to the end of my Fulbright experience, and I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of this lovely family.

It was a real privilege to meet you all and every each of you! I learned tons of things from you and I’ll never forget that social support you provided in the beginning when we all started our journeys as Fulbright Scholars, with the support of our OPIE Fulbright friends.

It’s been a hell of an experience for me, with goods and bads, but I’ll be stubborn to put in my luggage only the goods.

I wish all the best in this journey for those who are still enjoying it, and all the success in your future adventures.

Hope we’ll keep in touch.

Yours faithfully,
(2013 Pre-academic Orientation Program -Ohio University)

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