OPIE student pursues her professional dream in Fall

As many OPIE students know, taking English courses full time, studying for and taking standardized tests (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE), and living far from home while adjusting to a new country and culture can be incredibly stressful.  OPIE student Batool Nass faced all of these challenges and one more: finding an academic program that fits her professional goals.Image636053071595520281

Nass stands proudly in the College Green.

This Fall, Nass will pursue her dream of studying Occupational Therapy in a combined undergraduate/graduate program.  Ultimately, Nass wants to help people in Saudi Arabia with special needs to live independently.  ”I think I understand their needs especially that they were able to do whatever they wanted, but accidentally they lost the ability. I’m looking to establish an affordable clinic, so people can have the care that they need to have,”  Nass states.

Nass, who has studied in OPIE for four terms, reflects on her special time in Athens: “Living in Athens helped me a lot because I gained much experience about how people love to live on their own without getting help from anyone, even if they are elderly. Also, living in Athens taught me how to do everything by myself without asking for help. Athens is my home, and even if I leave, Athens will stay in my heart.”

We wish Batool and all of our students the best as they set out to make this a better world.

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