Chubu University Students Volunteer at the Athens Food Pantry

Chubu University students at the food pantry

Four exchange students from Chubu University volunteered at the Athens Food Pantry last Wednesday. The students, Yui Fukura, Takumi Matsuyama, Natalia Oie, and Kazuki Takakura woke up early on the morning of October 12th and headed over to meet the coordinator, Mim Almquist, at the pantry. The students helped pack 30 large boxes and 46 grocery bags with non-perishable food items to be delivered to hungry famlies around the county. The boxes are for families of four and the bags are for two.

The students, studying here this fall, are the latest Chubu students Ohio University has hosted in our 42-year-long partnership. The four students were accompianed to the pantry by OPIE Lecturer Kevin Jambor, one of their Language Fluency and Service Learning instructors this semester. The Fluency class is designed to improve students’ spoken English and provide opportunities to communicate. Also as part of the class, Chubu students are taking the opportunity to give back to OU and the surrounding Athens community by volunteering at various local organizations.

Article by Kevin Jambor

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