OPIE Says “Goodbye” to the Proyecta Students

Proyecta students taking a campus tour.

Twenty students from various cities in Mexico came to Ohio University on October 23rd to study English in OPIE. The students were part of a Proyecta 100,000 English As a Second Language training program sponsored by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Agency of International Development Cooperation. The students were placed in OPIE classes at the Elementary, Intermediate, High-intermediate, and Advanced levels. Through coordination with the Spanish Department in Modern Languages, the students were also assigned American conversation partners studying Spanish.  The students stayed in the dorms on campus, and many of them had American roommates, so they had multiple avenues for interacting with Americans. The Proyecta group went on several field trips including a visit to Columbus, and a weekend trip to Washington D.C. The Proyecta group departed from Athens on November 19th. The students were a wonderful addition to our OPIE classes! We will miss their energy and enthusiasm! We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope they come back to see us again!


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