Pronunciation Lab


What is the pronunciation lab?

The OPIE pronunciation lab exists to help students improve their spoken English by focusing on specific aspects of American English speech. OPIE students meet with tutors in one-on-one, ½ hour sessions to practice the sounds, stress, intonation, and rhythm patterns of American English. The Pronunciation lab can help you learn to speak more clearly and fluently for class, for presentations, and in conversations with Americans outside of OPIE.

Where is the Lab?

We are located in Gordy Hall. We have two lab rooms: 017E and 015A.

Who are the tutors?

All of our tutors are graduate and undergraduate students at Ohio University with experience studying other languages and traveling or studying in other countries. Most are Linguistics, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Modern Languages or English majors. Every tutor has excellent English pronunciation and a desire to help International Students become more successful communicators. They are trained to identify specific needs for each person they work with, and they use a series of activities to improve basic English pronunciation and practice the American accent.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.33.04 PM

Practicing /s/ and /sh/ sounds.

When is the lab open?

We are open from the 4th to last (12th/15th) week of each semester. You can visit the lab 1-2 times each week.

Who can use this lab?

Pronunciation Lab resources are available for FREE to all students in OPIE, whether they are studying full-time or part-time English. There is no extra charge to students.

What will I study in the pronunciation lab?

Tutors work with OPIE students on many different things! These include:

  • English consonant, vowel, and cluster sounds
  • Speaking assignments from OPIE classes and preparing for presentations
  • Studying level-appropriate, authentic speech samples to practice identifying and producing English stress, intonation, rhythm and linking patterns
  • Producing more fluent speech and accurate stress patterns in academic contexts with complex vocabulary

Every OPIE student should take full advantage of this unique resource while studying in OPIE at Ohio University!

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