Anne Hak

Anne Hak, a journalism major from the Netherlands, traveled to Athens, Ohio in 2009 to study for six months.  She took one OPIE course, along with several academic classes including History, Anthropology and Communication.

Currently, she is working as the General Manager of the Beijing branch of a study abroad program for foreign students going to China. According to Hak, “I am very grateful that I was able to follow an OPIE course, which made me realize that I knew how to speak English but without a clear background knowledge of grammar. It still helps me today, since I am working abroad in China, but in an English speaking environment.”

Hak adds: “My native language is Dutch, and I was the only Dutch speaking student, so it was definitely useful to be able to get on track when I arrived at Ohio University. I am also very grateful for all the support of the staff and the encouraging study environment that the university is offering to its students.”

Anne Hak OU




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