Student Activities

OPIE has a vibrant socio-cultural life.  Below are some OPIE activities in which you can participate.  Watch the OPIE Zone for details.  In addition to the activities below, Ohio University has a wide variety of clubs and activities that are open to all students.

Global Conversation Partners

In this program, Americans are matched with international students at Ohio University.  Many of these international students attend OPIE classes. Specific requests regarding language and gender are accommodated as much as possible.  Partners are expected to meet for about 1 hour each week during the current semester.

International Conversation Hour

OPIE students practice their English skills in an informal fun atmosphere. The International Conversation Hour is open to all Ohio University students and Athens community members. It is an excellent opportunity to make friends from other countries and enjoy talking to people about different topics.  See the schedule below for specific dates and times.

International Conversation Hours Fall 2019

OPIE Lecture Series

OPIE students gain the valuable experience of hearing academic lectures, practicing note-taking, and engaging in discussions through attending the Series. The lectures, given by university and community members, aim at helping the students adjust to university life, learn about activities and organizations in Ohio University and Athens, and become aware of some important issues in the community. 

OPIE Ambassadors 

This is an organization of students who represent OPIE for the purpose of improving their language learning experience and leadership skills.  Members of the OPIE Ambassadors represent OPIE at other Ohio University events, plan activities and projects for OPIE students, and communicate with many kinds of people from all over campus, both inside and outside of OPIE.

Ongoing Orientation Workshop Series

This is for a series of workshops for full-time OPIE students in which they interact with American students, practice their English conversational skills, and learn more about the campus services and support provided to them as Ohio University students.


Every semester, OPIE organizes a picnic for students and their family members at Strouds Run State Park. At the picnic, students can enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the lake. Faculty and students have a chance to socialize at this event and enjoy sharing a meal together.

Shopping Trip

OPIE organizes shopping trips for students during the academic school year. A free bus is provided for transportation. On previous trips, students have gone shopping at Polaris Mall and Easton Mall in Columbus, and at the outlet mall in Jeffersonville.

Bowling Night

Every spring, OPIE organizes a bowling night for students and their families at Rollerbowl Lanes, the local bowling alley. This is a chance for students and faculty members to socialize and have fun together. Students can enjoy a night of bowling, playing pool, and eating pizza with their friends, family members, and teachers.

OPIE Graduation

In the spring, OPIE holds a ceremony to recognize students who have graduated from OPIE. Graduating students are encouraged to invite their family members and friends. Current OPIE students and faculty members also attend this event. During this event, OPIE Alumni give speeches about their experiences in OPIE, and OPIE graduates receive graduation certificates.


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