Global Conversation Partners

 The Global Conversation Partners Program is closed for the semester. Please check back in Fall 2020 to sign up.  


In this program, Americans are matched one-on-one (unless otherwise requested) with international students.  Many of these international students are OPIE students.  Specific requests regarding language and gender are accommodated as much as possible.  Partners are expected to meet for about 1 hour each week during the current semester.

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There are many benefits to being involved in Global Conversation Partners.  You can get to know someone from another culture and learn about that culture.  You can ask and answer questions about life in Athens and/or life in other countries.  You can enjoy having fun and sharing your own culture with someone from another culture.

Resources for Conversation Partners:

Involvement in Global Conversation Partners also fulfills Requirement #1 for the International Cultural Understanding Certificate.

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