Mission Statement

The principal mission of OPIE is to raise the English language proficiency level and intercultural fluency of non-native speakers who will use English for academic study at institutions of higher education and/or for professional purposes.  The OPIE mission consists of five core components: Teaching, Testing, Orientation/Cross-cultural Support, Program Development, and the Training and Supervision of Teaching Associates.

Beliefs and Values Underlying the OPIE Mission

Our mission statement is based on the following beliefs and values underlying our work and interactions of all faculty and staff in the ESL program:

  • Excellence in faculty, instruction and service
  • Collaboration and cooperation
  • Pursuit of cultural understanding
  • Learner-centered teaching
  • Participation in research activities and/or professional organizations
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom
  • Adherence to UCIEP, NAFSA and other appropriate national standards.

We envision that the Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE) will be an unsurpassed program that enables all students and participants to improve their linguistic, academic and professional skills through access to highly qualified faculty, cutting-edge technology and personal and caring support services.

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