OPIE Calendar 2017-2018

Fall Semester 2017

Arrival/Orientation: August 21
First day of classes: August 28
Thanksgiving Break: November 22-26
End of OPIE term/TOEFL: December 9
End of academic semester: December 16

Click here for a calendar of OPIE activities this Spring Semester

Spring Semester 2018

Arrival/Orientation: January 8
First day of classes: January 16
Spring Break: March 12-16
End of OPIE term/TOEFL: April 28
End of academic semester: May 5

Summer Semester 2018

Arrival/Orientation: May 7
First day of classes: May 14
Summer Holiday: July 2-4
End of OPIE term/TOEFL: August 4
End of academic semester: August 18

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