Jing Wang

Ms. Jing Wang attended OPIE in the Fall of 2012 and earned a Bachelors of Business Administration from Ohio University in 2015.  She is currently working at Minsheng Bank in China while applying to Master degree programs.

Ms. Wang stresses that OPIE helped her prepare for academic work in an American university.  She appreciates the way that the instructors in OPIE taught her how to write academically in English, including the importance of proofreading papers multiple times in order to improve.  She also remembers that vocabulary studies were a prominent part of OPIE.  In fact, after she started her academic coursework, she realized how “useful and valuable” it was to “correctly learn and use a particular word.”  She says that “the study in OPIE radically change[d] [her] ideas of how to learn a language.”

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