Helpful Information, Proyecta

Dear Proyecta Scholars:

The following information will help you prepare for your stay in Athens.

Where to fly in the U.S.:  

Your final destination is Columbus, Ohio. The airport is called Port Columbus International Airport (CMH).  

  • When you are booking your travel, you can compare prices by going to websites like or
  • Try to select a flight with only one stop.  Here are some suggested travel routes:

Mexico City – Houston – Columbus
Mexico City – Chicago – Columbus
Mexico City – Atlanta – Columbus
Mexico City – Detroit – Columbus

We will pick you up at the airport.  To assist us, please try to arrive at similar times. (Suggested time: afternoon or early evening (2:00-8:00 PM) on July 17.)

Weather: The summer months of July and August are generally hot and humid in Ohio. You should also consider packing clothes appropriate for the year-round weather of your university’s location. Rain is common in Athens, so we recommend bringing an umbrella or rain jacket.

Campus Map

Money Considerations

It is a good idea to bring US dollars (in cash) to cover the cost of food at the airport(s) and other miscellaneous expenses (coffee, small souvenirs, pay phone calls, etc.). Things to Bring:

  • Any prescription medication not available in the United States
  • Alarm clock
  • We do plan to take you to a shopping center soon after you arrive. A CVS pharmacy/drug store, stocked with personal care products (e.g., shampoo, toothpaste), is within walking distance from your residence hall.

Other notes:

The minimum drinking age for alcohol in Ohio is 21. In accordance with Ohio laws, you may not carry open alcoholic containers on the street. Smoking of any sort is absolutely forbidden anywhere in dormitories or other university buildings.

I wish you all a safe, happy, and educational journey!

Dr. Gerry Krzic

OPIE Director


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