Course Registration

OPIE English Course Registration:

After you begin attending courses and before the end of the 2nd week of the semester, the OPIE Office (Administrative Specialist) will register you for your OPIE courses. 

Sometimes a hold will be placed on your account by another campus office.  A hold prevents course registration.  Holds are placed for a variety of reasons (e.g., a balance at the Bursar’s Office, an incomplete housing contract, an unreturned library book, failure to meet with your academic advisor, failure to take the TB test at Campus Care, etc.).  You cannot be registered until your holds are removed.  Your CORE teacher will give you purple and red slips notifying you to take care of holds.  You can also see holds on your My OHIO Web portal:

Once you are registered, you will be charged for a full-semester’s tuition.  If you would like to withdraw and receive some money back, you must officially withdraw before the end of the second week of the semester.

Check the Ohio University Academic Calendar to see more information about registration deadlines, tuition refunds, and housing/dining refunds.

Academic Course Registration:

Undergraduates in the Advanced/Pre-academic, 12-hour, or 8-hour Levels can pre-register for part-time academic studies.  Undergraduates in the Advanced/Pre-academic Level will be invited to a special session of Academic Orientation, generally held on Wednesdays, mid-way through the semester.  The goal of the Orientation is to familiarize students with the academic requirements at Ohio University specific to various colleges, to prepare students for meeting their faculty advisors, and to facilitate registration for classes.

Attendance is required by Ohio University; if you do not attend the university will place a ‘hold’ on your account.  If you miss due to sickness, you must arrange to attend Bobcat Student Orientation

Students will fill out a priority registration form during each or semester in order to register for academic classes for the subsequent semester. On this form, students will list each academic course according to a numerical ranking (1= most important class; 4= least important class).

If students are placed into OPIE for further English language study for the following semester, they may need to change their registration online so that they will not be registered for too many hours.  This change must be made by Friday, 5 PM, of the first week of classes.  If a student does not adjust his/her registration appropriately by this deadline, OPIE will adjust the schedule as necessary. Therefore, it is essential that students mark the importance of each class so that OPIE knows which class or classes to drop. If students have not indicated a priority, classes will be dropped based on the time each class meets.

IMPORTANT: Students taking 8 hours of English language study at the 8-hour Bridge Level are permitted to have a maximum of 9 credit hours of academic classes.  Please note that all students in this category will be charged full-time Ohio University tuition because they are now taking academic classes in addition to OPIE classes.

IMPORTANT: Students taking 12 hours of English language study at the 12-hour Bridge Level may have a maximum of 6 credit hours of academic classes.  Please note that all students in this category will be charged full-time Ohio University tuition because they are now taking academic classes in addition to OPIE classes.

IMPORTANT:  All undergraduate students in their first semester at any Bridge Level must take the 1-credit hour University College (UC) 1900 class entitled “Learning Community Seminar.”

IMPORTANT: If your placement is at the Bridge Levels AND you are an undergraduate AND if sponsored, your sponsor gives permission, you are expected to take both OPIE and academic classes.  Please note that you will not receive the reduced OPIE program tuition fee since you have successfully completed full-time OPIE courses and are now eligible to take academic classes.  Even if you drop your academic classes, your tuition will not change.

Full-time students (taking 20 hours of English language study) may not take any academic classes without special permission.

Online Course Registration

For video instructions on registration, visit:

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