Ali S. Altuwaijri

Dr. Ali S. Altuwaijri was one of the first Saudi students at OPIE. He took OPIE courses for one year in 1976. He graduated from Tulane University in 1981. He is currently Dean of Student Affairs and Professor of Physiology and Health Sciences at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University.

Dr. Aluwaijri shared some of his memories of Athens. He said, “In Athens I got my first drivers license. I lived in Lakeside Apartments, and then I moved to Mill Street…I remember in August a lot of fog in the morning on the river and the small waterfall at Whites Mill. When we first arrived, we all had culture shock. Mr. Dakin taught us language and culture, introduced the staff members to the students, and I was one of the first Saudi students to study at the Ohio program of Intensive English.”

Dr. Aluwaijri’s offered advice to new OPIE students saying, “My feeling is that Saudis are very shy. They don’t know what to say to people.” Dr. Aluwaijri said that the Conversation Partners Program helped him overcome this shyness, and he recommends that students join this program.


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