Challenger, Becky


Phone: 740-593-4322
Department: 740-593-4575
Fax: 740-593-4577
Office: Room 149 Gordy Hall
Mailing Address:
155 Gordy Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701 USA


M.A. TESOL (West Chester University)
B.S. Special Education (Millersville University)

Area(s) of Professional Interest

Given my educational background and experience in Special Education and ESL, I have done a fair amount of work and study in that cross-section.  I am also very interested in ESL materials development, culturally sensitive pedagogy, inter-cultural communication and teacher training.

Et Cetera

I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania.  After my undergraduate studies, I moved to an area outside of Philadelphia where I spent the last 11 years.  During that time, I worked for an Intermediate Unit (which is a “hub” for all school districts in each county in PA), where I worked with teachers and staff of a very diverse, urban, low-income pre-school program.  My work with teachers focused mainly on the Special Education process, but when I began my graduate studies in TESOL, I was able to work on professional development for teachers working with ESL students as well as helping them to discern the difference between ESL and Special Education support.  In addition, I have had the opportunity to teach a class of adult ELL’s who were mostly migrant workers from Mexico.

I have been so fortunate to have also had the opportunity to both teach and study internationally.  I have studied Spanish in Guatemala and taught English at a University in China.

I love to travel!  Some of the places I have visited are France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and China.

I am very excited to teach and learn at OPIE!


Spring 2008– “Preparing teachers for ELLs: Practical applications and strategies for the classroom”; West Chester University TALFL (TESOL/Applied Linguistics/Foreign Language) Conference

Spring 2008 – “Environmental Sustainability in the ESL Classroom”; Penn TESOL

February 21, 2009 – “Teaching English and American Culture in Wuhan, China”; West Chester University TALFL (TESOL/Applied Linguistics/Foreign Language) Conference

Professional Memberships




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