Faculty and Staff

OPIE faculty are trained and experienced in the teaching of English as second language (ESL). All have M.A. degrees and most have lived outside the U.S.

OPIE students and Teacher

Teaching assistants (with prior teaching experience) in the department of Linguistics are invited to participate in some programs. All are carefully supervised by senior OPIE faculty.



OPIE Faculty and Staff, A-Z

ButlerKyle Lecturer, Bridge Level Coordinator
ChallengerBecky Associate Lecturer, Academic Coordinator
Datsenko, Ella Associate Lecturer
DovbnyaTanya Advisor
Dragiev, Kiril Lecturer, Elementary Level & Communications Situation Coordinator
ForhanLinn Lecturer, Assistant Director for Faculty Development/ OPIE Advisor
GuytonKristina Lecturer
HatfieldSally Associate Lecturer, Electives Coordinator
HillJessica Lecturer, Pronunciation Lab Coordinator
HilleAaron Associate Lecturer
HilleKathryn Associate Lecturer, Assistant Director for Testing and Placement/ OPIE Advisor
Hounshell, Alison Lecturer, Business Bridge Coordinator
Hunkler, Cassidi Teaching Associate
JamborKevin Lecturer, Advanced Level Coordinator
JohannesAndrea Associate LecturerAssistant Director for Student Services/ OPIE Advisor
JonesChristina Lecturer, Reading Skill/Lab Coordinator
Krzic, Gerard, Director
Long, Cecily Lecturer, Grammar Skill Coordinator
Nesbitt, Sandy Lecturer
Peters, Rena Administrative Specialist
ReshadAbe Associate Lecturer, Database and Facilities Coordinator
Satish Carballo Guillén, Arturo, Teaching Associate
SchmittKaren Lecturer, Writing Skill Coordinator
SchwartzAaron Associate Lecturer, Technology Coordinator
SundermanMark Lecturer, Listening & Speaking Skill Coordinator
TelegaDavid Lecturer
YoungKim Administrative Service Assistant
Zakryzhevskyy, Mykhaylo Lecturer, Writing Lab Coordinator

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