Faculty and Staff, A-Z

OPIE Faculty and Staff

AdamovaDominika Lecturer
AzimovaKamola Lecturer
ButlerKyle Lecturer, Electives Coordinator
CampbellKara Lecturer, Elementary Level & Communications Situation Coordinator
CampbellRob Lecturer
CarlisleDavid Lecturer
ChallengerBecky Lecturer, Academic Coordinator
Coffelt, Erica Lecturer, Assistant to Director
CoffeltLuke Lecturer, Reading Skill Coordinator
Datsenko, Ella Lecturer, Grammar Skill Coordinator
DelongHolly Lecturer
DistasioChris Lecturer
DombroskiMike Lecturer
DombroskiPaula Lecturer
DovbnyaTanya Advisor
Dragiev, Kiril Lecturer
ForhanLinn Assistant Lecturer, Assistant Director
GilmoreTanya Lecturer
GrayRonald Lecturer
GuytonKristina Lecturer, Socio-cultural Coordinator
HatfieldSally Lecturer, Bridge Level Coordinator
HillJessica Lecturer
HilleAaron Lecturer
HilleKathryn Lecturer, Assistant Director
HollandOlga Lecturer
Hounshell, Alison Lecturer
JamborKevin Lecturer
JohannesAndrea Lecturer, Intermediate Level Coordinator
JonesChristina Lecturer, Reading Lab Coordinator
KelleherChristine Lecturer
KirlinDeborah Lecturer, Pronunciation Lab Coordinator
KonstantinovaIrina Lecturer
Krzic, Gerard, Director
LetourneauxEric Lecturer, Listening & Speaking Skill Coordinator
Long, Cecily Lecturer
Nesbitt, Sandy Lecturer
Peters, Rena Office Administrator
ReshadAbe Lecturer, Database and Facilities Coordinator
SchmittKaren Lecturer, Writing Skill Coordinator
SchmitzDavid Lecturer
SchwartzAaron Lecturer, Technology Coordinator
SimionescuDana Teaching Assistant
SundermanMark Lecturer
TataNikki Lecturer
TelegaDavid Lecturer
VithanageRamya Lecturer
WestRichard Teaching Assistant
WoodThelma Assistant Lecturer
WyssRobert Lecturer
YoderCynthia Lecturer, Advanced Level Coordinator
YoungKim Office Assistant
Zakryzhevskyy, Mykhaylo Lecturer, Writing Lab Coordinator

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