Kirlin, Deborah

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Phone: 740-593-4428
Department: 740-593-4575
Fax: 740-593-4577
Office: Room 107A Gordy Hall
Mailing Address:
155 Gordy Hall
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701 USA


2005 M.A. TESOL, West Chester University
1981 B.A. Bible/French at Grand Canyon College

Areas of Professional Interest

Accent Reduction/Comprehensibility
Teacher Training


    • 2011 TESOL Convention, New Orleans, LA, CALL Workshop,  “Authentic Listening with Authentic Tools”
    • 2011 OU Call Conference, Ohio University, Athens, OH, “Authentic Listening with Authentic Tools”
    • 2009 TALFL Conference, West Chester University, West Chester, PA, “Using the REAL World for    Pronunciation Instruction”
    • 2006 PennTESOL East, Spring Conference, Abingdon, PA,  “Adult Education IS Panel: Finding and Supplementing Materials for Advanced Adult Education Students”
    • 2004 PennTESOL East, Fall Conference, Abingdon, PA,  “Trading Places: What’s the Immersion Experience Really Like?”

Et cetera

After the fall of Saigon in the late 1970′s, I volunteered to teach a family of refugees English. Other opportunities arose, and I always volunteered because it was so interesting and fun. When I began grad school in 2002, it was fascinating to read research studies on theories I’d been developing during my years working with refugees and as an ESL teacher in various language programs. While getting my MA TESOL, I worked as a language consultant in the pharmaceutical industry along with teaching at the local community college and Lehigh University. Upon graduation, I continued as a language consultant but longed for colleagues with whom I could share ideas and from whom I could learn far more. Being self-employed is great, but the challenges are demanding, and I longed for time to develop as a teacher. A stint in Qatar at the government university was enlightening, and now I’m back in the US working with a great team of colleagues!

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