OPIE Zone Newsletter: Weeks 12 and 13

Welcome to weeks 12 and 13 of the OPIE Zone!

The last International Conversation Hour for this semester will be on Tuesday, Nov. 13th in Jefferson Hall room 160 at 6:00.

Multicultural Sports Workshop

Join us for a fun workshop about the importance of staying physically active!

November 13th, 5:30-7:00 p.m. in area D of the Ping Center

Presented by: OPIE and Dr. Hyun-Ju Oh, Ph.D.,Coordinator of PETE

Presenters will introduce fun exercises and participants will play sports like soccer, basketball, and quidditch. Please come appropriately dressed to play sports and bring your student ID.

Thanksgiving Break Announcements

November 21 – 25: classes not in session.
Note: Residence halls will remain open. Dining facilities will be closed after lunch Tuesday, November 20 through lunch Sunday, November 25.

Dr. Andy Ray and Ms. Susan Spence from International Student Services will provide aworkshop on the graduate school application process for students who are (or will be) applying to graduate school.

When: November 20thfrom 1-2 pm

Where: Gordy 380

Attention Students: We hope you enjoy your upcoming winter break. If you are planning to travel outside the U.S. and have had No Credit or No Progress in OPIE in previous semesters, please read this information:

 No Credit or No Progress (One Semester)

If you receive “No Credit” or “No Progress” this semester, you are on probation with OPIE. This means you must be careful to avoid getting “No Credit” or “No Progress” again in the future.

No Credit (Two Semesters) or No Progress (Three Semesters in a Row)

If you received cumulative* “No Credit” in your OPIE classes for any two semesters or if you received “No Progress” for three semesters in a row, you will be dismissed from OPIE and Ohio University. This does affect your visa status.

If you have ever received “No Credit” or three semesters of “No Progress” in a row,you must be careful about making travel plans for winter break. Each semester that you are in OPIE, you will need to wait to receive your final grade report before you leave the United States for vacation. International Students and Faculty Services (ISFS) will not be able to give you a travel signature until you have your final report. You will need a travel signature in order to return to the United States to continue your studies. So, if you ever receive cumulative* “No Credit” or three semesters of “No Progress” in a row, be sure to plan your flights out of the United States afteryou receive your final grade report from OPIE.




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